Cloud-based services for future production

Published May 07, 2013

Collaborative and Adaptive Process Planning for Sustainable Manufacturing Environments (CAPP-4-SME) is a consortium of eleven partners including four universities, a multinational manufacturing company as well as six small and medium-sized companies from five European countries.

Professor Lihui Wang believes that cloud-based services will have a significant impact on future production planning.

The consortium's main goal is to promote technological innovations for future factories. The diversity of experience and knowledge available within the consortium enables a unique knowledge sharing both technical expertise for industrial applications and the dissemination of research results across Europe.

- Cloud-based services will have a significant impact on production planning and control of dynamic and decentralized manufacturing environments in the future, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, KTH, Lihui Wang says.

Learn more about CAPP-4-SME here

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